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NBC Recipients Honored

WVCPD Honors New Class of National Board Certified Teachers

WV among top 20 in country for NBCTs

The West Virginia Center for Professional Development honored the 2016 and 2017 class of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) at a reception on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at the Lakeview Conference Center in Morgantown, W.Va. Many of the 81 inductees attended the event, and their induction brings the total number of NBCTs in West Virginia to 944.

National Board Certification is among the most respected advanced credentials for teachers. Those who successfully pursue NBC have illustrated a commitment to excellence in teaching and a sound understanding of what it takes to ensure all students learn at high levels.  Teachers who submit to the year-long process do so on a voluntary basis and represent the most distinguished class of educators around the country.

As a part of the Center’s NBC program, educators participate in a thorough review of the process as well as continuous peer and mentor support. Nationally, West Virginia ranks 17th in the percentage of NBC teachers that are among the teacher population. Those who participate in WVCPD’s support program have a 78 percent NBC pass rate.

West Virginia's latest NBCTs are:

Kathryn Alam

Kendra Alexander

Marcy Alwin

Jennifer Anderson

Belinda Barnette

Brandy Boehke

Connie Boggs

Laura Bohrer

Alicia Boswell

Jessica Bradley

Abby Broome

Terra Burnett

Regina Cappellini

Lisa Carpenter

Tonia Carpenter

Maggie Chenoweth

Melissa Conley

Whitney Dobson

Jessica Eades

Priscilla Elliott

Natasha Fields

Amanda Fisher

Koral Fleming

Ashley Glock

Lucy Godwin

Tracy Godwin

Gina Gooderham

Renee Haines

Elizabeth Hardin

Hannah Helm

Anna Holst

Leigh Ann Hood

Cathy Hunter

Teresa Inman

Andrew Kaminski

Nancy Kincaid

Sara Klesel

Michael Knepper

Barbara Laugh

Cari Levake

Nicole Majewski

Kelly Mauzy

Heather McCain

Summer McClintock

Mary McCord

Nancy McDonald

Davita Melander

Amy Mellace

Ashley Neal

Jennifer Neff

Kayla Nelson

Tiana Nicholas

Summer Nottingham

Allison Oldaker

Mallory Painter

Pamela Parsons

Melanie Riddle

Amy Roberts

Stacie Ruble

Trina Runner

Laura Ryder

Julie Savilla

Laura Shabdue

Lindsay Shockey

Samantha Slone

Lisa Smith

Alisha Smithberger

Sara Smouse

Cynthia Sorsaia

Claire Southerly

Kristin Spataro

Tiffany Spellman

Linda Stickel

Lisa Taylor

Amy Uccellini

Janette Walters

Andrea White

David Williams

Jessica Williamson

Shawna Zervos

Heidi Zumbrunnen

For more information about these and other WVCPD activities, please log onto www.wvcpd.org or contact Christy Day, director of communications, at 304-558-0539.


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