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Infusing Technology Online Courses 2017 - 2018

The Infusing Technology online courses provide a diverse range of professional development options for educators. Each course offers creative and unique content and approaches that engage students in higher level learning. The online format makes the trainings more accessible to educators allowing them to complete the sessions at their convenience.

Optional Graduate Credit Spring 2018

There are six courses in the Infusing Technology Online series. This series will run from August 2017 to March 2018. Marshall University and West Virginia University will offer graduate credit to those who complete three of the six courses by scoring 80 percent or above. Descriptions are listed below and registration is open.  Those who received graduate credit in spring 2017 are encouraged to complete three new courses to earn additional graduate credit in spring 2018.


Online Course Descriptions

Digital Tools to Promote Family Engagement and Student Success
August 28 - October 9, 2017

All of social science research indicates positive family engagement correlates with higher levels of success for students. Participants will be introduced to the importance of family engagement in education by reviewing national data. As an online community, educators will step outside of their comfort zones and explore ideas that will challenge their way of thinking about family engagement. Participants will  also learn how to:

  • Create a welcome that supports a partnership for family engagement
  • Identify and implement the best practices for communicating with their families
  • Establish a professional online presence that supports all families and students in a safe learning environment
  • Strengthen the family engagement partnership by sharing student success

Digital Formative Assessment to Engage Your Students
September 18 - October 30, 2017

This course will expose teachers to a variety of web resources that can be used to engage students while providing data for assessment. From quick reviews to in-depth written answers, these tools are designed to expand the ways teachers review, poll or assess comprehension. The course will cover resources that can be used in a single device classroom, one with a few devices or in a one to one class. All of the tools are designed to be used in the classroom and some have the ability to be assigned for homework. Resources such as Plickers, Go Soapbox, Socrative, Kahoot, Quizizz and Quiz Socket along with many others have all been designed to engage students while providing important information to the teacher.

Tools and Tricks of Office 365 for Teachers and Students
October 2 - November 13, 2017

The six week online course will provide participants with a wealth of digital resources designed to help teachers stay organized, expand the classroom and engage students. Educators will learn how to use the numerous resources such as OneDrive, OneNote, Excel Survey/Forms, Office Mix, Sway and other great features.  Once the course is completed, teachers will better understand how easy it is to use these tools to weatherproof their classrooms, strengthen family engagement and increase communications.

Technology Tools Every Educator Needs
November 6 - December 18, 2017

The course will expose participants to a wealth of digital resources designed to help teachers stay organized, expand the classroom and engage students. Educators will learn how to use resources to send lessons home digitally in order to easily flip the classroom or to provide assistance to struggling or absent students. Participants will finish the course with numerous technology resources that can be used not only for student engagement but as powerful organizational and communication tools.

Digital Creativity and Collaboration to Enhance Student Projects
January 8 - February 19, 2018

This course will explore the use of technology resources to encourage and promote creativity and collaboration in digital student projects. Free digital tools that can be accessed on any web-enabled device can provide excitement and engagement for student projects. Students can collaborate in school or from home using whatever device is available, including a smartphone. For students of all ages, providing information digitally gives them the chance to be more creative in a format they are comfortable with while increasing important 21st century skills. A wide variety of free resources will be showcased and experienced so that teachers can determine which tools would be most effective in their classroom.

Web Tools to Encourage and Support Reading and Writing
February 5 - March 19, 2018

Today’s students are “digital natives” because of the high level of access they have had to technology from birth. By incorporating technology into reading and writing instruction, students will be more engaged and attentive to the process. Technology can be an excellent tool for differentiating instruction. The digital tools that will be covered in this course can make reading more accessible and engaging for students across content areas and grade levels. There are amazing free web tools to adjust lexile levels while providing the same non-fiction content to all the students. Digital storytelling, journaling and blogging can be used in almost every content area, and these resources encourage writing by providing a way to share work digitally. Educators complete this course with a better command of the resources that increase accessibility and engagement for all students.


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