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Event Detail

Session: 2017 Mercer County Teacher Academy


July 31 - August 2, 2017

July 31-August 1

Narrowing the Achievement Gap: Strategies to Support Under- Resourced Students

(Previously Ruby Payne I and II)

The goal of this session is to equip educators with a foundation of skills and practices that will lead to a career of classroom success. A Framework for Understanding Poverty will expand teachers' understanding of the impact of poverty on work habits, decision making, and learning. The session provides practical support and guidance for overcoming barriers and helping others. This session will provide mental models and instructional strategies that can be used in the classroom to support students who are under-resourced.

August 2

Empowering Bystanders, Empowering Schools: Strategies to Enhance Bullying Prevention and Respect for Diversity

This engaging, fast-paced workshop will explore the dynamics of bullying with an emphasis on supporting the victims and bystanders. Discussion topics and strategies include assertion techniques & other social-emotional skills, adult roles & responsibilities, enhancing diversity, and creating safe space.

Many educators, parents and youth alike misunderstand bullying and bullying dynamics, relying on old myths and stereotypes. We’ve often given our sons and daughters, students, or clients misguided advice regarding how best to deal with it. In addition, we often base our knowledge of bullying on information we’ve acquired from movies, literature and generally held beliefs. Thankfully, information and skills derived from research offer a foundation for much-improved strategies to create safe space and support the majority of our students who are either bystanders or victims. This session will, through a variety of facilitation techniques, (small group activities, scenario work, video reaction, large group problem solving, etc.) provide a solid and practical foundation for adults and students alike to be UPSTANDERS, creating safe and supportive relationships in their school buildings.

Learning Objectives:

• To overview the principles of violence prevention, diversity education, and the bullying dynamic

• To define behaviors associated with the bully, target, bystander and the upstander

• To learn and practice intervention strategies that reinforce a respect for diversity

• To learn and practice prevention/intervention strategies that empower children who are targeted or who are bystanders

• To prepare and work toward implementing an action plan that will assist schools in enhancing their school climate and creating safe space

Mercer County will pay the registration fee for Mercer County teachers approved to attend. Contact Angela Groseclose if you have questions.

Monday, July 31, 2017 - Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Registration Monday, July 31st - 7:30am


Monday - Wednesday - July 31-August 2

8:00 am - 3 :00 pm

A one hour lunch break will be provided. Lunch will be on your own.


Mercer County Technical Education Center

1397 Stafford Drive

Princeton, WV 24740


This session is designed to accommodate the growing needs of new teachers and support the practice of experienced teachers. The session will equip educators with skills and practices to create effective well-managed classrooms.

Last Day to Register: 7/27/2017

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